Building India’s largest technology driven RELIABLE, EFFICIENT, CAPACITY AGNOSTIC Trucking Network


We Organize , Digitize and optimally Deploy Trucking Micro-entrepreneurs with Large B2B corporates and SMEs to provide best in class trucking experience across supply chain.

Who We Are

Reliable, Efficient Trucking Network

TruckBhejo has built a capacity agnostic
trucking network by empowering
microentrepreneurs in Trucking
Industry using technology.



Deep Reach

TruckBhejo has created Trucking
network that has reach to
developed and developing cities of




TruckBhejo caters to consumer facing industries

like FMCG, Retail and  E-commerce.

We provide carpet coverage of
transportation services across First Mile, Middle Mile and Last Mile.


Reimagine First Mile with Certainty

  • Be 100% assured with live tracking for those long routes
  • Deliver far and more with a wide spectrum of vehicle types and higher capacities

Reimagine Middle Mile with Unmatched Reach

  • Reach like no one else with deep penetration into India’s smaller towns and districts
  • Ensure planned SLAs with multi point deliveries and optimised route plan

Reimagine Last Mile with Swift deliveries

  • Mini trucks for your every need within the city
  • Locally adept drivers equipped with mobile app for real time updates


Active Trucks


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Deliveries Fulfilled


Tonnage Shipped

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